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Hey, thanks for stopping by agnt vapor. Founded in 2016, we're brand new to the industry, coming in with a single objective ... bring unique e-Liquid flavors at affordable prices. I often hear people say they love the packaging that some of the more expensive brands come in. Why PAY a company for the privilege of packaging that you're just going to throw away? Especially when it is the same stuff inside the bottle! Here at agnt vapor we live by a few rules ...
#1 ... Special packaging is cute, but at the end of the day it is just money out of our customer's pockets. We want you to keep it there. Sure, sometimes we might do stickers, posters or other swag, but that's out of our pocket, not your's. To keep our prices reasonable we do it right ... a label and a bottle. Period.
#2 ... Sweeteners. We don't do them. Sucralose just adds to the cost of the juice and the jury is still out on it's safety as a vaping additive. So it's out. As for "natural" sweeteners, leave caramelizing sugars to your ice cream. The science behind it is that some flavors taste sweeter then others. In varying amounts we can fine tune the sweet "mouth feel" of the eLiquid without adding a single drop of sweetener.* PG, VG, Flavors. Period.
#3 ... Our e-Liquid flavors should be as unique as snowflakes. Each one should be different than anything else on the market. As such, we undertook a major 12-day research project and created a searchable flavor profile database. Then our Mixologist used complex data analysis (meaning he spent days searching through pages of data) to create recipes that were entirely new or updated and fresh takes on old classics. Always Unique. Period.
* While we don't use Ethyl Maltol in our eLiquids, it is important to note it really isn't a sweetener, it merely alters the sensation of sweetness in other flavors.
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